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All vendors must grow or produce the products they sell. A Growers Permit must be obtained before selling at the Market. This can be obtained from the County Extension Office in your county. This permit ensures us and your customers that the products originate with you or your family. It also allows you and your customers to be exempt from state and local sales taxes. A copy of your 2021 permit must by on file with the market Director.

All vendors must pay a $25 one time fee. This fee is for either or both markets; $25 total. This fee helps us with purchasing signs and media advertising and other administrative fees. All of the board members and staff do so on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation. 


If you are selling products that do not allow you to be classified as a grower you are required to have a business license from the City of Bessemer, from Jefferson County and from the State of Alabama. Please provide a copy of your license to the market manager. These licenses must be available in case of on-site inspection from authorities.


The Market will provide a 10 x 10 tent. We ask that vendors provide their own table and chairs, and for each vendor to have a sign identifying the name and location of the farm.


After unloading please move your vehicle to the parking area. There is room to park additional vehicles.



Vendors at Bessemer Rec Center need to set up by 7:45 and ready to sell at 8:00.


The Market Director designates the vending location for each vendor.


As guests of Bessemer Rec Center and the City of Bessemer all vendors, customers and Market personnel must respect the grounds and all local ordinances.

Pets are not allowed on city property, except in special circumstances.


Market management, the City of Bessemer and/or Jefferson County Extension Service, and the City of Bessemer shall not be held accountable for the products offered at the Bessemer Farmers Markets.



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